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Chet Hanks shoots his shot at Lizzo after she slides in Chris Evans DMs and we can’t keep up

Chet Hanks has found a ‘queen’ to enjoy his ‘White Boy Summer’ with – and that woman is Lizzo. After Lizzo made attempts to shoot her shot with Captain America star Chris Evans and received a reply, Chet turned the hilarious situation into a love triangle by trying to land his own slam dunk. If reading between those lines was a little bit of headache, here’s the situation simplified… Lizzo drunkenly slid into Chris’ DMs on Instagram and warned her followers: ‘Don’t drink and DM, kids….for legal porpoises this is a joke.’ The Juice singer, real name Melissa Jefferson, had sent emoji of wind blowing, a man jumping and a basketball, suggesting she was ‘shooting her shot’ (meaning being brave and showing interest in someone you like) with

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