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Endurance teen stowaway who feared crew would eat him and lost toes to frostbite
discovery of the wreckage of Sir Ernest Shackleton's ship Endurance after being lost to sea ice more than 100 years ago, details have come to light about one teen stowaway who had a horrendous ordeal on the ship.The Falklands Maritime Heritage Trust said earlier today (Wednesday, March 9), that the wreckage had been found off the coast of Antarctica, exactly a month after the 100th anniversary of Sir Ernest's death.The ship had not been seen since it was crushed by ice and sank in the Weddell Sea in 1915, and last month the Endurance22 Expedition set off from Cape Town, South Africa, on a mission to locate it.It has now been found at a depth of 3,008 metres and approximately four miles south of the position originally recorded by the ship's Captain Frank Worsley, the trust saidOne of the original crew members on the ship was Percy Blackborow.The Newport native joined the ship in 1914, and two weeks ago his living relatives planted a tree in his memory.Percy, or Perce for short, joined the Merchant Navy at 14, and had been involved in a shipwreck in Uruguay when he was 18.But that didn't deter him from wanting to join another ship.Alongside another friend, he went from Buenos Aries to Antarctic having heard about the Endurance.When they arrived onto the ship, having boarded unannounced, Shackleton joked that "on missions like this, when food is short, stowaways are the first to get eaten". Perce's granddaughter, Rachel Clague, told the BBC: “Before my grandad was properly accepted he was tied to the front of one of the lifeboats in the middle of a school of killer whales.
BBC Breakfast's Sally Nugent says co-star 'had a wobble' as he disappears off-screen
BBC Breakfast presenter Sally Nugent was forced to explain the sudden disappearance of one of her co-stars as he "had a tiny bit of a wobble".She explained that perhaps a question was "one too many for him" as the reporter disappeared off-screen, leaving the Breakfast hosts reeling in shock.Sally was hosting the show alongside Jon Kay, with her usual co-host Dan Walker absent from the programme this Wednesday (March 9).Dan Snow was appearing via video link to discuss the finding of Ernest Shackleton's ship Endurance a century after it sank on an Antarctic expedition, buried 3,000 metres under the surface of the water.The expedition which set out to locate the ship found it in good condition under the waves - but doesn't intend to raise the vessel.With Dan on his own ship in the middle of the sea, Jon began by announcing: "Endurance was thought to be lost forever - something consigned to the history books that you might read about, but you never really see or understand because it was trapped under the ever-shifting pack of ice above it."Sally said: "Until now. Endurance has been found at a depth of 3,000 metres."Things then cut to Dan Snow, standing in the cabin of a ship via a rather blurry video-link.And though he valiantly presented a lengthy segment, chaos ensued as Jon said: "So we can look, we can see the footage, but you're not going to touch it?"Only silence followed, as the video link to Dan appeared to drop.Jon told viewers at home: "And with that...
Lorraine Kelly reveals unbelievable health challenge
HELLO! diary, Lorraine Kelly shines a light on five inspiring women who are preparing to take on a challenging feat. Find out more below...I always think it's good to set yourself a challenge, even if it's a small one like finding five minutes in a busy day to sit with a cuppa and have a bit of a breather. I've done five marathons for charity and once trekked 100 miles in the Kenyan desert for Comic Relief, but I could never dream of attempting the incredible journey being undertaken by a group of British female firefighters I met this week.READ: Lorraine Kelly reveals weight loss during time away from showThe Antarctic Fire Angels are attempting to be the first all-women group to trudge 1900km across the Antarctic, stopping off at the South Pole halfway through their epic trek.WATCH: Lorraine Kelly shines a light on amazing health challengeGeorgina Gilbert, Rebecca Rowe, Nikki Upton, Emily Butler, and Rebecca Hinchley have been training hard in Norway and Sweden, ice swimming, skiing, and building up their stamina and resistance to the cold.READ: Lorraine Kelly candidly admits she's gone up four dress sizesREAD: Lorraine Kelly just wore the most flattering dress and it's in the sale The TV star met the Antarctic Fire AngelsAlong with extreme cold and tough conditions, they cheerfully admit that as women, they will also have to deal with menopausal symptoms, periods, and sheer exhaustion, but a big part of their expedition is inspiring young women and showing them that they can achieve as much as boys, if not more.Now I have been lucky enough to visit Antarctica to celebrate our silver wedding anniversary with my husband Steve.
Amy Robach shares stunning picture with husband Andrew Shue while away from GMA
Amy Robach is having the time of her life while in The Galápagos Islands with husband Andrew Shue, and her latest social media post left fans in absolute awe.MORE: Amy Robach wows fans with 'amazing' pictures on adventure away from GMAThe Good Morning America star shared a few pictures from her island adventure while reporting on the diverse wildlife and history of the location for the morning show.WATCH: Amy Robach showcases incredible abs during uneasy workoutShe posted a picture of herself with Andrew as they stood on a boat, arm-in-arm overlooking the spectacular water behind them and a few stunning rock formations.Amy added even more pictures that showed the sun dancing over the water as she wrote: "All aboard @lindbladexp #natgeoendeavourii … the adventure begins!!"MORE: Amy Robach shares rare backstage photo revealing pre-show traditionsFans immediately began gushing over the snapshot of the two, with one saying: "Your adventurous spirit is so inspiring, and I love that your hubs is always with you on these journeys."Another wrote: "So glad your husband can go with you," with a third adding: "So sweet that Andrew gets to enjoy your adventures," and many others simply inundated the comments section with heart emojis.A post shared by Amy Robach (@ajrobach)Amy and Andrew shared a picture from their tripThe TV host revealed with a promotional clip from GMA that she would be going to The Galápagos for all of this coming week and be part of the first ever live broadcast from the location to all of America.This isn't the TV host's first foray into thrilling international expeditions, as just this past November, she embarked on a week-long expedition to icy Antarctica.MORE: Amy Robach glistens in post-workout photo ahead
Ed Sheeran's racy sex confessions - Mile High Club boast to 'small penis' claim
Ed Sheeran has turned another year older.The singer, who turned 31 on February 17, shot to fame over a decade ago with his first hit single "The A Team".He has sold more than 150 million records worldwide, making him one of the world's best-selling music artists.Two of his albums are in the list of the best-selling albums in UK chart history and in December 2019, the Official Charts Company named him artist of the decade, with the most combined success in the UK album and singles charts in the 2010s.Ed was in a relationship with fellow singer Nina Nesbitt, who appears in his 2012 music video Drunk, before their split.In 2014, the pop star was in a relationship with Athina Andrelos, who works for chef Jamie Oliver, but they split in February 2015.Ed, who is reportedly worth over £200m, began a relationship with childhood friend and former secondary school classmate Cherry Seaborn in July 2015.They announced their engagement in January 2018 and were married a year later.In September 2020, Ed announced on Instagram that his wife had given birth to a baby girl which they named Lyra Antarctica Seaborn Sheeran.Daily Star has decided to look at the birthday boy's racy confessions from the over the years.During a 2012 episode of Never Mind The Buzzcocks, Ed spoke about being able to have sex twice in one night before falling asleep.He admitted on the show: "I usually pass out around the second time."The rest of the panel poked fun at his lack of stamina, but Ed held firm.He also made an erection gesture with his arm.In another interview, Ed stated that he uses condoms because he doesn’t want to end up impregnating loads of women.He explained: "I don’t want to end up with sixteen kids from different mothers."Being interviewed on
Thousands of meteorites lying undiscovered in Antarctica offer clues about solar system
artificial intelligence program suggests there may be many more to find, and provides useful clues on where to look for them.The dark-coloured space rocks tend to show up well on the white background of the frozen continent’s ice fields, and a natural phenomenon that pushes snow and ice out to the coast helps concentrate any meteors that have fallen in Antarctica’s interior into places where researchers can find them.Rocks that have fallen from space are more than just interesting curiosities – they provide valuable information about the evolution about the solar system.One object, believed to have been thrown off the surface of Mars millions of years ago, was found to contain "potentially life-giving organic material” which scientists say represents the conditions on the Red Planet’s surface in the distant past.The new AI-led study, entitled A Data-driven Approach in the Search for Antarctic Meteorites, offers a chance to find many more of these fascinating objects.“Meteorites sample planetary bodies that formed and evolved in the Solar System,” the researchers explain, and this material is directly accessible at the Earth’s surface.“This great scientific value is the reason why Antarctic meteorite collection missions have been performed (almost) every year since the concentrating mechanism has been discovered”."We found some unexplored areas with a great potential to find meteorites," study lead author Veronica Tollenaar, a glaciologist at the Free University of Brussels in Belgium, told"By visiting these locations and using new recovery techniques in the field, such as surveys with drones, we are about to enter a new era of Antarctic meteorite recovery missions," she added.So far, some 45,000 meteorites
Tipping Point fans 'confused' as they question player's 'summer outfit' on show
Tipping Point fans were baffled to see a player wearing his summertime wardrobe on the programme.Contestant Martyn turned up to meet Ben Shephard, 47, on the gameshow donning an army green t-shirt, brown shorts that finished at his knee and a pair of trainers.Fans on Twitter were confused over his holiday-like attire and took to their keyboards to air their thoughts."Martyn might as well be wearing flip-flops," joked one person.A second online user quipped: "Martyn must have cut his staycation short to make it on time.""Shorts Martyn?" wrote a third.While a fourth added: "Great day for Martyn but no money to buy a pair of trousers."Sadly for Martyn, he didn't prove to be very fortunate and was struck off - with players Hollie, Pip and Jason all having stronger starts to their game.Eventually, Hollie proved to be no match for Pip and Jason who were on form with answering questions.Pip and Jason went head-to-head in a tense round, battling hard for a chance at bagging the top prize of £10,000.It was however Pip who came up trumps and proved to be triumphant with her strategy as well as sound general knowledge.In the final round, Pip put on a good show answering many questions correctly and moving the famous Jackpot Counter over the first hurdle.Although she'd answered a number of questions correctly, the machine just didn't seem to want to play ball today.At the end of her questions, Pip was asked if she'd like to gamble her £2,900 winnings for a chance at tipping the silver Jackpot Counter over the edge.Pip toyed with the idea before answering host Ben: "That money would go nicely in our Antarctica pot.