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8 places you can instantly find money you didn't know you had

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Today, a homeless man went viral after discovering £300 in a 'hidden' bank account he didn't even know he had. The man said the money completely transformed his life, and now he has inspired others to make the simple 5-minute check.

What you may not realise, is that there are currently billions of pounds hidden away from people who don't know they have them.

And it's easy to check. As much as £77billion is currently sitting unclaimed in forgotten investments, pensions, bank accounts and a whole range of other places in the UK - and most of it can be recouped in minutes - if you know where to look. READ MORE: Everyone urged to check if they have a 'hidden' savings account after man finds £300 in his For example, around 10 million people have lost bank accounts in Britain - that's £411 for each one.

Known as ‘zombie’ accounts, these are often the ones we forget about when switching bank accounts, but you can always get the money back.

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