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Will Smith Names His 4 Best Movies While Eating Spicy Wings on 'Hot Ones'!

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Will Smith is answering some burning questions while eating the spicy wings of death! The 55-year-old Fresh Prince of Bel-Air star made an appearance on Hot Ones, where he was grilled about his career by Sean Evans.

During the appearance, he talked about getting people to the movies, filming Ali, the hardest hit he ever took on a set, and his Top 4 career-defining movies. Keep reading to find out more… On the definition of a hit in Hollywood, and getting people to the movies: “The definition of a hit is still pretty much the same.

Essentially it’s just harder to get one…you used to be able to put some explosions in the trailer and a couple of good jokes and people were there.

And television is so good, there are things that people just aren’t going to leave their house for anymore. There’s definitely a higher demand for a certain type of film for people to leave their homes.” On filming Ali, and Michael Mann’s importance of capturing the authenticity of a moment: “When we were shooting Ali, Michael Mann wouldn’t allow music to be played on the set that was made after whatever date we were shooting.

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