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That gasp! ‘Wheel of Fortune’ contestant epically fails nearly-completed puzzle

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jar?”Jessica’s incredibly wrong answer sent a massive gasp throughout the studio audience and even caused Sajak’s trusty letter-turner Vanna White, 66, to give a pitied expression. “No,” stated Sajak, who has been subjected to numerous wild guesses throughout his time on the show.

The next person to spin chose the letter “C” and managed to complete the puzzle. which read: “Dining in the dining Car.”“Yeah, there may be a C in there,” sneered Sajak, who is retiring at the end of the current season. “Now it’s just a matter of reading it.” Several X (formerly Twitter) users were sent spinning out of control following Jessica’s failure to solve. “This woman said Dining in the Dining JAR on Wheel of Fortune.

wtf is a DINING JAR SISTEREN,” laughed one person. “Please!!! Do not approach me, or otherwise bother me while I am dining in the dining jar,” giggled a second user. “Dining in the dining jar?!

These people are morons,” slammed a third person.A fourth person on X claimed that they were rooting for Jessica until her random answer, which “sent my jaw to the floor.”The blunder comes as Sajak enters his final season of the iconic game show before it is taken over by “American Idol” host Ryan Seacrest.

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