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‘Madden NFL 22’ prioritises PS5 and Xbox Series X as the PC gets the last-gen offering

Madden NFL 22 developer EA Sports has confirmed that the game will prioritise next-gen consoles – with PC gamers missing out on some next-gen features.When Madden NFL 22 was officially revealed last week, it was revealed that last-gen versions of the American football game will be missing some new features.Next-gen stats, better AI, stadium atmosphere, and improved movement were all touted as part of the ‘dynamic gameday’ feature of Madden NFL 22 – coming to the next-gen version of the game.And this experience will be missing from the PC version, too.The reason, EA Sports confirms, is that Madden NFL 22 will focus on next-gen consoles at launch.“It’s something being explored for the future,” EA Sports told Sports Gamers Online.“We’re still

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