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Rishi Sunak warns people on State Pension will pay tax under a Labour government during first TV debate

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During the first televised General Election debate on ITV on Tuesday night between Rishi Sunak and Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer, the Prime Minister warned that “for the first time in our country’s history, if Labour are elected, pensioners will pay tax.” He continued: “I do not think that is right, and you should explain to everyone why you think pensioners will be paying a retirement tax under your government.” Sir Keir did not respond directly to Mr Sunak’s question, however, the Prime Minister used the opportunity to remind ITV viewers about his party’s ‘State Pension Triple Lock Plus’ pledge.

He explained that under a Conservative government, people whose sole income is from the State Pension, will never pay income tax as the pledge would ensure that the Personal Allowance rises every year in-line with inflation.

Mr Sunak added: “Under you (Labour government) there’s a retirement tax coming for British pensioners. I think it’s appalling.”He urged Sir Keir to respond, but the Labour leader focused on the mounting costs of proposed Conservative plans to scrap National Insurance Contributions - which fund the NHS and the State Pension - and Inheritance Tax.Later in the debate, Mr Sunka clarified that people whose sole income is the State Pension have never had to pay income tax on it.There are nearly 12.7 million people over State Pension age across Great Britain, including more than 1.1m living in Scotland.However, of that overall total, some 8.1m (62%) currently pay tax in retirement, largely due to additional income from workplace or private pensions on top of their State Pension.Spencer Churchill predicts nearly 900,000 more people will exceed the Personal Allowance threshold of £12,570 over the current

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