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Fired New York City Judge Had a Side Gig as OnlyFans Star

OnlyFans, where he charges users $12 a month, and another on JustFor.Fans, where he charges $9.99 per month. “White collar professional by day… very unprofessional by night. always amateur, always raw, always slutty,” reads the description on Locke’s OnlyFans profile.The investigation into Locke’s personal life, including his extracurricular activities, was sparked after Locke told Republican City Councilwoman Vickie Paladino (R-Queens) to “choke on a d–k” after she called New York Attorney General Letitia James’s participation in a Drag Queen Story Hour event “an absolutely shameful display.”Choke on a dick Vickie— gregory ◡̈ (@popLOCKEdropit) March 19, 2023 The offending tweet, from Locke’s PG-rated personal Twitter account, led to an investigation of his past tweets and off-the-clock activities.Earlier this year, Locke was critical of a speech given by New York City Mayor Eric Adams at the New York Public Library Interfaith Breakfast, in which the mayor, in a bit of pandering to religious voters, appeared to lament the U.S.

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Shows Like ‘Maisel,’ ‘And Just Like That’ Push New York City Production Into Post-COVID Expansion
Gregg Goldstein No one ever said filming in New York City was easy, especially during a pandemic. Just ask the showrunners behind Amazon’s “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel” or the producer of Steven Soderbergh’s upcoming HBO Max limited series “Full Circle.” “We had an incident yesterday on our set in Queens: a crazy person grabbed a grip by the hair and was trying to take a swing at her. Thank God she got away and he ran off,” “Circle” producer Jonathan Filley said in late September. “And we just had a car rear-end another car, which ran into our electric truck. … There’s a lot of mental instability in the city these days.” This wouldn’t be a shock to “Maisel” creator Amy Sherman-Palladino or her fellow showrunner, Daniel Palladino. who had a hazardous Washington Square Park shoot in spring 2021. “There had been a lot of anti-police protests, and weirdos were encroaching on our set,” Palladino says. “There were no police, and we finally bolted. We had our own security, but there was a group of film students who were keeping an eye on us.” (“And our purses!” Sherman-Palladino chimes in.) “They were chasing some people off, and we realized our de facto security was a bunch of 18-year-olds at NYU.”