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OMG Lauren Boebert Got Kicked Out Of That Theater For Giving Her Date A Handjob In Front Of Children!

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[Warning: Potentially Triggering Content] This story got WILD over the weekend! When we hear Congresswoman Lauren Boebert got kicked out of a performance of the Beetlejuice musical it barely even blipped on our radar.

Something about her being loud and obnoxious and vaping, whatevs. We already didn’t think we’d ever want to share a seat next to her during Day-O (The Banana Boat Song).

How did this get so much worse? Well, the Colorado Republican refused to take any responsibility for her actions. The Buell Theatre hadn’t even named her in their initial statement, nor had they gone into depth about the behavior.

They said simply in an incident report obtained by the Denver Post that “two patrons” were given a warning during intermission for disruptive behavior that caused three complaints from other theatergoers — and ultimately they were asked to leave for vaping and “causing a disturbance”.

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