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‘The View’ co-host Sunny Hostin ‘surprised’ by Taylor Swift being named TIME’s Person of the Year

TIME magazine’s choice for Person of the Year, pop star Taylor Swift, and suggested other finalists like the Trump prosecutors or the Hollywood strikers might have been more deserving of the title. “She does everything, but for me, the TIME magazine Person of the Year, used to be man of the year in 1927, when it started, it was ridiculous.

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‘The View’ co-host Joy Behar dares former President Donald Trump to take ‘revenge’ on her if reelected: ‘Try it’
is revenge.”Behar played a clip of Trump telling a Univision reporter that when he gets back into power, the alleged weaponization of the Department of Justice against him “could certainly happen in reverse.”“What they’ve done is they’ve released the genie out of the box,” the former president added, during the sit down, prompting the ladies of “The View” to contemplate how that will impact the country and even their show.After the clip ended, co-host Ana Navarro remarked, “I don’t know, but if he’s weaponizing government against his opponents, boy, are we in trouble.”Behar responded by stating Trump’s remarks reminded her of “Nixon’s enemy list,” while co-host Sunny Hostin added that it’s like “history repeating itself” and seems like a repeat of “McCarthyism” and feels like “J. Edgar Hoover’s list.”Behar warned Trump supporters about electing this revenge tour, stating, “Don’t his supporters see that he turns on people that are in his corner? If you dare to go against him even this much, he goes bananas on you.”Hostin chimed in, calling Trump’s ambitions the sign of a “dictatorship,” and Behar added that Trump voters “will be the next victims of this vitriol.”Co-host Alyssa Farah Griffin added her two cents, claiming, “Donald Trump is running for president for two reasons: to stay out of jail, and to get revenge on his enemies.
Taylor Swift is ‘only person’ who could defeat Trump in 2024, ex-aide Alyssa Farah Griffin declares
Alyssa Farah Griffin doubled down on her love for the 12-time Grammy winner — as well as her disdain for her former boss — during a Monday episode of “The View: Under the Table” podcast.Farah Griffin and executive producer Brian Teta were discussing the overwhelming coverage of Swift’s romance with Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce when the former White House director of strategic communications abruptly made the dig at Trump.“This ends in one way. We are all Taylor Swift fans and, to be honest, if Donald Trump looks like he’s going to win, she’s just going to need to get in the race and defeat him once and for all because she’s probably the only person who can,” Farah Griffin said while laughing.Teta eagerly diverted the conversation back toward the celebrity couple: “There you go, there you go,” he hurriedly said.In the same episode, Farah Griffin said she could explain “in one paragraph any of the various cases” against Trump, pointing to his accusations of wrongdoing during his time as commander-in-chief.The passing jab at Trump is just one of many Farah Griffin has fired at her former boss since joining the daytime panel in July 2022.“I’ll never vote for Trump again, I’ve been clear on that,” she vowed in April.