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Netflix's Bridgerton fans furious at 'annoying' beauty choices as they slam 'inaccuracies'

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Ever since the third season of Netflix's period drama Bridgerton premiered last week, it's fair to say that regency fever has taken over the internet.The first half of the eagerly awaited series was released on the streaming platform on May 16 and quickly climbed into the top 10 most watched shows list within hours.

Continuing from where season two ended, the third series centres on Lady Whistledown herself, Penelope Featherington (portrayed by the legendary Nicola Coughlan) and her relationship with Colin Bridgerton (Luke Newton).They navigate the complex waters of friendship towards something decidedly more heated.

However, while the slow-burning romance's cliffhanger and intricate costumes have captivated fans this season, some viewers couldn't overlook the glaring historical beauty inaccuracies.The show's stars were seen sporting everything from acrylic nails and false lashes to more permanent cosmetic enhancements like 'Botox'.

Set loosely in the 1815 regency era, the show has never fully embraced historical accuracy. Its innovative use of colourblind casting, modern song covers, and fashion-forward costumes serve as a means of entertainment rather than a history lesson.

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