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'Neighbour demands I pay her son to mow my lawn - even though I refused grass cutting'

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Keeping your garden nice and neat can be a bit of a chore, but it's necessary if you want your own little patch of greenery to look good.

Ensuring the grass is cut regularly means that your garden always looks tidy.People often mow their lawn themselves if they have the time, otherwise they can usually find someone locally to do it.

And cutting grass is an odd job that young people in the community regularly do for a small fee.This was the case in one area, where a man was approached by one of his neighbours' sons with an offer of mowing his lawn.

He politely refused, since he cuts it himself and doesn't need the service, The Mirror reports. But this sparked an issue in the community, with the man being blasted for rejecting the offer - and even ordered to pay despite not wanting the service.Posting on Reddit, he wrote: "I cut my own lawn, always have.

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