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Mrs Hinch fans scrub stubborn cooker stains with £2 beauty tool and no scratches

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A group of cleaning enthusiasts have shared a nifty hack for scrubbing stubborn food stains from hobs without leaving any scratch marks.The kitchen cooker is one of the hardest working fixtures in the home, as it prepares tasty meals every day.

But will all that work, there's bound to be some spill over, which can cook into crusty stains on the hob that can be tough to get rid of.Giving them a once over with a scouring pad is the first port of call, but this runs the risk of leaving the pristine metal covered in scratch marks.

However, it turns out that one "brilliant" pampering tool can get rid of these stains without leaving any evidence behind.The tip came to light after one woman took to the Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips Facebook to seek advice.

Posting a snap of a hob caked in burnt, black foods, asking: "Any recommendations to get this off cooker?"One Mrs Hinch fan was quick to suggest an interesting method - by scrubbing it with a pumice stone - typically used to exfoliate and smoothen rough skin.

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