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'Mind trick' to do before bed that could help you fall asleep within minutes

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If you find it difficult to get to sleep at night, you are certainly not alone. The issue is said to affect around one in three people, according to the NHS, with the problem more prevalent amongst the elderly.

While bouts of insomnia can come and go without causing any significant issues, for some individuals, it can persist for months or even years.Short-term insomnia is defined as having difficulty sleeping for less than three months, while long-term insomnia refers to sleep issues lasting three months or longer.

The impact of insomnia on an individual's health can be severe, limiting daily activities, affecting mood, and causing strain in relationships with friends, family, and colleagues.While there isn't a universally recommended amount of sleep, seven to nine hours per night is generally considered normal.

However, achieving this can be challenging for those who struggle to drift off. To help combat this, Sammy Margo, a sleep expert at Dreams, suggests using the cognitive shuffle, reports Wales Online.

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