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Rampaging killer whales who sank family's boat attacked another within hours

The gang of killer whales set their sights on a boat carrying five people on July 31, sinking the vessel which had been sailing about six miles off the coast of Sines, Portugal when the attack occurred.Fortunately, all five were all rescued when a nearby fishing boat, Festas Andre, was told by the Portuguese Navy to find the stranded passengers and bring them to safety - but the boat was unsalvageable and sank.READ MORE: Melting glacier in Swiss Alps leads to horrifying finds beneath snow and iceNow it has been revealed that the killer pod launched another attack just hours after the initial onslaught.The second attack involved two passengers on a small sailboat, who had been sleeping when the orcas struck, Portuguese newspaper Correio da Manhã reports.The whales made a beeline for the boat's rudder, using their massive jaws to bite it until it broke.The boat was escorted by another watercraft back to the dock.This comes as concerns have arisen over a sharp increase in whale attacks in the region.Orcas often spend the summer months off the coasts of Portugal and Spain, feeding on the tuna that live in the area and around the Gibraltar Strait. Although they pose a threat to other forms of marine life, the killer whales, despite their name, don't often approach humans - but this is seemingly beginning to change.Since 2020, instances of orcas targeting boats have risen.

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Female ref for Lionesses' Euros final took charge in England men's game after huge fire
England men's game - and boy was it memorable.Kateryna Monzul made history two years ago after refereeing a UEFA Nations League match between San Marino and Gibraltar as part of the first all-female officiating team to take charge of a senior men's international.A year later she was barking orders at Jack Grealish, Mason Mount and Co as the whistle-woman for England's World Cup qualifier against Andorra - a fixture that was nearly postponed after a massive fire broke out inside the stadium the day before.READ MORE: Andorra stadium on fire 24 hours before England World Cup clashThe match itself was fairly straightforward, with goals from Ben Chilwell, Bukayo Saka, Tammy Abraham, James Ward-Prowse and Jack Grealish sealing a comfortable 5-0 win for the Three Lions - though Monzul did have to dish out a little discipline, brandishing yellows for John Stones, Jadon Sancho and Conor Coady.The 41-year-old refereed her first senior men's match way back in 2016, becoming the first female official to take charge of a game in Ukrainian football history.Is it time we start seeing more female referees officiating men's matches? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.Along with France's Stephanie Frappart - who is fourth official at Wembley this afternoon - Monzul is regarded as the best female referee in the world.She's taken charge of three Lioness fixtures at major international tournaments before, the latest coming during the 2017 Euros where England beat Portugal 2-1, though it's the only time the Lionesses have managed to win under her watch.By contrast, England's opponents Germany have won every match they've played at major tournaments with Monzul as ref - but as we all know, records are there to broken.READ