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Lawyer alleges that real ‘Baby Reindeer’ Martha targeted her, too: ‘I always felt threatened by her’

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his show “Uncensored,” following Fiona Harvey’s interview in May. “I do feel threatened,” she said. “I always felt threatened by her because I just never knew what she was capable of.”The Scottish legal advocate explained: “I seem to have been her major obsession over all these years,” adding this had been “for many years, for longer than Richard Gadd.”Wray met Harvey through work, and Wray alleged, “She was dreadful … rude to staff.

She shouted at people. She was inappropriate with a male member of staff. She tried to follow a male member of staff home. I mean all sorts of things happen.

She threw a book across the office and hit somebody with it.”Based on events from creator-star Richard Gadd’s life, “Baby Reindeer” (now streaming, with nearly 60 million viewers tuning in for its first month) is a thriller following Donny (Gadd), a struggling comedian who meets Martha (Jessica Gunning) while he’s working as a bartender.

When he shows her a moment of kindness, that backfires. Soon, Martha turns into an obsessed stalker — doing acts such as sending him over 41,000 emails.Gadd initially said that although the show is based on his life, he didn’t want viewers trying to sleuth out who the real Martha was. “That’s not the point of our show,” he told the Hollywood Reporter.Nevertheless, keyboard detectives pointed fingers at 58-year-old Harvey, née Muir.

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