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Joe Rogan blasts ‘The View’ over co-hosts feud with author Coleman Hughes: ‘Rabies-infested henhouse’

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“charlatan” and “pawn” for his take on race relations. In late March, “The View” co-host Sunny Hostin “ambushed” Hughes while he appeared on the show to discuss his new book “The End of Race Politics: Arguments for a Colorblind America.”The author argued that to help solve racial inequality, Americans should try to “treat people without regard to race,” but on “socio-economics.”Hostin slammed Hughes’ book as “fundamentally flawed” and that his “argument for colorblindness” is “something that the right has co-opted.”“Many in the black community, if I’m being honest with you, because I want to be, believe that you are being used as a pawn by the right and that you’re charlatan of sorts,” Hostin bluntly told the author during the controversial segment.She accused the CNN analyst and two-time Democrat voting Independent of being a “conservative,” to which Hughes calmly but sternly rebutted.“I don’t think there’s any evidence I’ve been co-opted by anyone and I think that’s an ad-hominem tactic people use to not address, really, the important conversations we’re having here,” the 28-year-old Cornell graduate said.Following his heated debate on “The View,” Hughes’ was a guest on the “Joe Rogan Experience” podcast, where Rogan blasted the show for spewing out “ridiculous things.”“Well, it is the show that people love to hate,” the 56-year-old podcaster said after Hughes’ told him how much attention he’s been receiving from people siding with him since the segment aired.Hughes told Rogan he “didn’t know who Sunny Hostin was before going on “The View,” and he had “no idea what to expect,” but he wasn’t expecting the hosts to “ambush” him.“I wasn’t expecting necessarily for her to kind of try to ambush me in that way and attack my.

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