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ITV's The Chase Scot misses out on cash to 'buy a horse' as Bradley is left speechless

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Bradley Walsh returned to screens on Tuesday night as a new batch of contestants took part in ITV's quiz show The Chase with the hopes of bagging some life-changing cash as a team.Scottish contestant Judith from Glasgow was joined by players Sam from London, Lee from Lincoln and Pam from Liverpool who joined forces in the hope that their four brains could beat tonight's Chaser Paul Sinha, known as The Sinnerman.Judith, a 48-year-old Journalist, was up first as she explained to Bradley she works at a newspaper in Glasgow and has a wealth of experience from writing about dinosaurs to politicians, she joked.She impressed in the cash building round on the ITV quiz show with a reasonable £5,000. "What do you do then to switch off?," Brad asked her before pressing her what she would do with the money if she won.Judith responded: "I love to travel actually.

I would buy a horse," before Bradley laughed and asked what she would name her horse. "Oh I've not thought of that. It would need to be Brad, Brad the horse," Judith laughed.

The Glasgow journo was offered a high offer of £50,000 and low of £1,000 but returned to the players for the final chase by securing her £5,000.

The team lost London contestant Sam who was caught by the Chaser after losing his confidence in the cash builder when he secured just two questions right earning them £2,000. Join the Daily Record's WhatsApp community here and get the latest news sent straight to your messages. All was left to play for when it was sports fan Lee up next who also loves to travel a lot.

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