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ITV Love island spoilers: New bombshell brunette enters villa and tensions rise

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Love Island is set to welcome a new bombshell into the villa tonight following last night's savage dumping after TOWIE star Joey Essex sent hairdresser Sam Taylor packing after just 24 hours.Bombshell Uma Jammeh will enter the villa on the ITV show on Wednesday June 5 with tensions rising as she's set to lock lips with each of the boys while they are blindfolded as the girls watch on.The 23-year-old from North London who works as a VIP host and a model has revealed she is looking to settle down in her first ever relationship as she has been single her whole life.Uma revealed her top three things she is looking for in a partner as she said: "Definitely someone who can make me laugh, who has similar values to mine, and someone who is confident and likes to have fun."She also admitted that she may ruffle some feathers when she first enters the villa.She explained: "When people first see me, they usually think I’m going to be horrible, they are always surprised when I’m not!

I’ll bring confidence, and I like to think I’m funny", before adding: "All of my friends like to say that I like to have fun and make everyone else have fun too.

I’ll bring a positive vibe and happiness!" Uma will make her grand entrance when the islanders are all glammed up for the evening and Jess receives a text which reads: “Girls.

It’s time for a game. Blindfold your boy. Line them up by the pool and then head to the terrace. #nopeeping”The boys will then line up by the pool as their girls place blindfolds on them before heading to the terrace.Uma then makes her shock arrival, catching the girls' attention with the sound of her footsteps and walks over to the boys to share a snog from each of the boys as the girls watch on from the terrace in

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