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ITV Coronation Street's Gary Windass set to kill again in teen murder twist

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Coronation Street's notorious villain, Gary Windass, might be up to his old tricks again, as hinted in the latest episode. Gary, played by Mikey North, has somehow managed to avoid being caught for his past crimes, with others taking the fall for him.

Back in 2019, fans will remember that he killed loan shark Rick Neelan after a deadly encounter in the woods. A few years later, when Rick's body was found, Rick's dying ex Laura Neelan took the blame to save Gary from jail.

Around the same time, Gary was responsible for the Underworld factory roof collapse that tragically ended Rana Habeeb's life.

He cleverly pinned this on Rick, who was missing at the time, and since then, no one has questioned if maybe Rick wasn't the culprit after all.

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