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Domestic violence non-profit faces backlash for supporting Amber Heard
ended last week, but the show’s not quite over.The 36-year-old actress and her team have claimed the ripple effects of this case will directly affect the #MeToo movement and domestic abuse survivors – and her supporters are taking the first hit — all while Depp’s team insists it won’t impact #MeToo.The National Coalition Against Domestic Violence has experienced an onslaught of hatred from Depp fans since the high-profile case, especially after expressing they stood with Heard.In a statement posted to their website, NCADV analyzed the implications the case might have, saying, “What spilled out of the courtroom and into the media, including social media, was an abuser exerting control and manipulating the media and a loyal fan base to attack his victim on his behalf.”The organization claimed that the non-sequestered jury “could have very well been influenced by the well-paid and highly-targeted smear campaign,” which could have a “chilling effect” on women seeking justice.Naturally, the lengthy and controversial statement was met with polarized reviews online, especially on Twitter.The organization’s CEO Ruth Glen told TMZ that while some outcry is directed at NCADV as a whole, there are direct jabs towards Heard calling her a “liar” or “psycho.” Other impassioned Depp supporters shot back, saying the “Pirates of the Caribbean” actor is really the victim.“You can be appalled all you like. The simple fact of the matter is that no one believed her.