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See What Carrie Underwood Wrote in Her Journal After Winning 'American Idol'

Carrie Underwood took to Instagram on Wednesday to celebrate the 17th anniversary of her legendary win. «Where does the time go,» the singer wrote on Instagram. «Please enjoy a page from the journal of a 22-year-old farm girl who just had the most incredible night!» The journal entry tells the story of the final moments before Ryan Seacrest announced her win on May 25, 2005. «It came down to this final moment. Ryan had the gold card in his hand,» young Underwood wrote.

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'American Idol' Crowns New Champion for Season 20 -- Find Out Who Won!
 has crowned a new winner!Sunday's Season 20 finale — which was Bruce Springsteen-themed — all came down to the season's top three -- Leah Marlene, HunterGirl and Noah Thompson.The first round of the night kicked off with Leah singing a rendition of «Cover Me,» followed by HunterGirl's performance of “Dancing in the Dark." Finally, Noah closed out the first round with a gravelly cover of «I’m on Fire» that was a hit with the judges.The second round of the night featured all the finalists performing their own debut original singles. Circling back around, Leah kicked things off with her tune, «Flowers,» which brought judge Katy Perry to tears.Noah follows that up with a performance of his single, «One Day Tonight,» and HunterGirl closed out the second round with a performance of her song «Red Bird.»After some performances with the judges from Leah and HunterGirl — and an encore performances of Rihanna's «Stay» by Noah, who previously performed the song during the season's showstopper round — it was time to vote.After all the votes were cast, the new champion is...ET's Denny Directo spoke with Noah after the show, and the new winner was still in shock, joking, «I don't know what to do right now.»The 19-year-old singer — who is himself the father of a young son, Walker — told ET that the best part of all of this was doing something he could show his kid when he got older.«That, for me, that's the biggest thing out of all this. Because, you know, I wanted to do this for him,» Noah shared.
Katy Perry left surprised on American Idol as she makes rare relationship comment
Katy Perry has often had moments of hilarity on American Idol, but on the show's latest episode, an unexpected moment ended up a little more awkward for her than expected.MORE: Katy Perry leaves viewers stunned in whimsical green pantsuit live on American IdolThe latest live episode of the show on Monday night featured the Judge's Song Contest, a segment where each contestant was anonymously given a song chosen by the judges and the song they'd perform would net that judge a point.VIDEO: Katy Perry's husband Orlando Bloom cuts a turkey on ThanksgivingFor contestant Noah Thompson, he was given a choice of three songs, two of which ended up being by John Mayer and one by John Denver.While he initially leaned toward the John Denver song, he ended up opting for the John Mayer track Heartbreak Warfare, delivering a performance that impressed the judges.MORE: Katy Perry updates fans with baby number two newsHowever, the moment quickly turned slightly uncomfortable when Ryan Seacrest asked Noah who he thought chose the song, and he picked Katy, unaware of her history with the singer-songwriter, having been in an on-and-off relationship with him.She quickly tried to figure out how to react as the audience let out a few knowing chuckles.
Katy Perry Reflects on 'Public Spats' With Fellow 'American Idol' Judges as Season 20 Finds Top 14 (Exclusive)
Katy Perry was seeing eye-to-eye with her fellow judges during the first live round of season 20 on Monday, which the songstresses admitted was a nice change.Perry spoke with ET's Matt Cohen on the carpet at the Desert 5 Spot in Hollywood after Monday's new episode, where the season's Top 20 were whittled down to the Top 14. Based on performances and voting, 10 contestants were automatically safe, while the remaining 10 were in the danger zone and singing their hearts out for one of the four spots awarded by the judges.«We picked our four and it was unanimous, which is great,» Perry shared. «Because this season has been interesting, in that we've had some real public spats over a few contestants — like Sam Moss and Grace Franklin.»Perry has worked alongside fellow judges Lionel Richie and Luke Bryant since Season 16, when was revived and moved over to ABC from Fox, and the singer said that this season has seen her clash with them a bit more than ever before.Perry admitted that, when it came Bryan and Richie's thoughts on a few contestants this season, she «didn't really agree with them» at all.«Those boys, like, it's true, they may have been a little bullied by my direct, black-and-white yes or no [choices] these past seasons,» she said, reflecting on their more emphatic disagreements. «So they're like, 'Were not gonna take it anymore!'»However, when it came to Monday's first live show, it seems that everyone was pretty well in agreement.
Katy Perry leaves fans in hysterics with waterside segment on American Idol
Katy Perry knows how to commit to an entertaining bit once she gets on board, and that's just what she did on the latest episode of American Idol.MORE: Katy Perry selling stunning $19.5m family home - see insideThe singer started off the episode wading in the waters of Hawaii, hanging onto a surfboard while seemingly drowning.VIDEO: Katy Perry's Prague adventuresShe spoke to a plastic seagull that perched atop her board, telling it there was "no land in sight" in an homage to Tom Hanks' performance in Cast Away."You'll be the judge now," she told the bird as she then implored for it to fly away, comically swatting it off the board and saying: "Goodbye Luke! Goodbye Lionel!"MORE: Katy Perry suffers wardrobe malfunction on latest American Idol episodeIt then cut to her two fellow judges, Luke Bryan and Lionel Richie, sitting on a boat as they pulled up to her, revealing that she was only 30 feet from shore, where host Ryan Seacrest lay on a beach chair with a drink in his hand.She then got out of the water and walked back to shore, seemingly embarrassed, revealing that she wore a curve-hugging white swimsuit with a multi-colored pattern during her scene.A post shared by KATY PERRY (@katyperry)Katy channeled Tom Hanks in Cast Away for her pre-show bitKaty expertly riffed on herself in the caption of her post, writing: "And the Oscar for the Most Idiotic [performance] goes to…But tbh you haven't seen REAL drama until America gets to vote.
Katy Perry sets the record straight on big music debate on American Idol
Katy Perry has had some pretty memorable moments during her time as a judge on American Idol, but a recent one allowed her to finally clear some things up regarding one of her biggest hits.MORE: Katy Perry taken aback by very surprising audition during American Idol premiereThe singer had a conversation with fellow judges Lionel Richie and Luke Bryan as they talked about artists often adding too many unnecessary flairs to their singing.WATCH: Katy Perry's Chocotopia adventureLuke then started singing to Katy's hit Firework by performing the lines in the chorus as "up, up, up," and then "ah, ah, ah," to her annoyance."It's not 'up, up, up' and it's not 'ah, ah, ah'," she said, to which Luke retorted: "Well what is it then, because I've been dying to know all these years?"MORE: Katy Perry looks unreal in all-leather outfit"It's 'awe, awe, awe' everybody, get it right!" she said. Luke even questioned: "Is that a word in the dictionary?" to which Katy responded: "It is!"She even added on to the career-long debate about her song, saying: "It's not Fireworks, it's Firework."A post shared by KATY PERRY (@katyperry)Katy cleared up what the lyrics for Firework really were for LukeKaty posted the clip on her Instagram with the caption: "FOR THE OFFICIAL RECORD • it is AWE not UP • it is FIREWORK not FIREWORKSSS.