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Ice Cream Nails Are Trending for Summer and It’s So Easy to DIY

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and to , this year is all about reclaiming what we loved as children. So it's no surprise that ice cream nails are well on their way to becoming one of summer 2024's .According to , DIY nail expert, ice cream nails' sudden popularity is to be expected: “One of the hottest trends this year has been and charms," she points out, which play a major part in most ice cream nail designs.“The drippy, delectable ice cream dream manicure features a chunky, 3D glitter over a velvety smooth creme polish for a that looks good enough to eat," Russell explains.As for why this style is trending, aside from the obvious association with childlike wonder in summertime?

Ice cream nails aren't just cute, but completely customizable, super versatile, and most exciting of all, actually easy to recreate at home.“They're so easy to DIY and fully customizable,” Russell tells Glamour.

And they really are: Whether you prefer minimalist manis, French tips, pops of pigment, or , there is no shortage of ways to wear the trend.One of the most popular—and sweetest—ways to wear ice cream nails?

Painting “dripping” ice cream on your nail tips in place of the , resulting in what we like to call the ice cream French mani.

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