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Humza Yousaf found out wife was pregnant while meeting world leaders in Dubai

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Former First Minister Humza Yousaf was meeting with world leaders at the Dubai climate change conference when his wife Nadia called and said she was pregnant.“He was so happy and excited but I was crying, thinking, ‘I don’t know if I can do this’,” Nadia said.Her surprise pregnancy was full of fear having suffered the pain of five miscarriages.“Mentally and physically I just didn’t feel I could take that loss again,” she said. “For me pregnancy holds so much anxiety.

Until that baby is healthy and in my arms I am going to be scared.”If the last year has shown Nadia anything, it is that “you plan and then life makes its own plan”.She saw her husband become First Minister and then later resign.And when she discovered she was pregnant in early December, her parents had only just escaped after becom-ing trapped in the Israeli bombardment of Gaza.

But the SNP councillor said there have also been “beautiful moments of laughter, loving and fun”.She is speaking out about motherhood and her pregnancy difficulties because she believes women are under too much pressure to be perfect.Nadia said: “Hollywood and TV romanticise parenthood and having babies but it’s hard.

There is nothing romantic about it. I feel so blessed but I also know it’s important for women to talk to each other about the realities.”The couple have a five year-old daughter Amal together and Maya, 15, from Nadia’s first marriage.They had suffered three miscarriages before Amal and two after, one of them in lockdown when Nadia couldn’t even get the comfort of a hug from her mother.After such devastation the couple closed the chapter on more children, choosing to concentrate on the gift of the two they had.Nadia said: “It was actually more Humza who didn’t want to

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