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Humza Yousaf calls on UK Government to recognise Palestinian state to help end violence in region

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Humza Yousaf has called on the UK Government to formally recognise Palestinian statehood to help break "successive cycles of violence" in the region.

The First Minister wrote to Rishi Sunak to urge him to show "international leadership" on the issue after weeks of violence in and around Gaza.The letter was sent to Downing Street before a majority of MSPs are expected to vote in favour today of a motion at the Scottish Parliament calling for an immediate ceasefire in the Palestinian enclave.A copy was also sent to Labour leader Keir Starmer.The SNP leader said: "It is essential and urgent that the UK makes clear to the Israeli Government, and to the world, that in line with support for a two state solution, only Palestinians can have authority in Gaza."Of course, that authority must be exercised in a way that ensures the people of Israel, as well as Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank, are able to live in peace and security."The UK needs to work with the international community to break, once and for all, the political impasse that has condemned Israelis and the Palestinians to successive cycles of violence. "This would be assisted were the UK to recognise the State of Palestine within the 1967 borders, as over 130 members of the United Nations, including nine members of the European Union, have done and as the new Spanish Government has pledged."Recognition would offer hope to Palestinians that a just and durable political solution is possible."Yousaf added: "I urge you to show the international leadership you claim for the UK by calling for an immediate ceasefire by all sides, and by announcing the UK Government’s recognition of the State of Palestine."MPs previously voted in favour of recognising Palestine as a

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