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How to Remove Self Tanner and Other Tanning FAQS, Answered

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is common knowledge and are on their way out, everyone’s wondering how to fake tan at home—and how to remove self-tanner after the fact.That's not because the doesn't look good, though: It's just that they can be hard to apply on first try.

Plus, even if you do manage to pull it off without a problem (and kudos to you!), there's a time and place for such bold, . Perhaps you need to take it off because left it on a little too long and are looking a little orange, or have a vampire-themed party to attend this weekend and simply can't pass for pale.

Maybe you've realized it's not worth it and your just can't handle handle any more stains.Whatever the reason, you're in the right place: Glamour asked tanning pros and skin care experts all of our self-tanning FAQs, from when and how to apply it to avoid staining your clothing and everything else in your path, why topical products are preferred to (spoiler alert: or your skin), and essential after-care like how to remove self tanner once all is said and done.When you think of self tanner, you might envision turning a bright, splotchy shade of blood orange.

But don't worry! When applied correctly, the can actually give you a beautiful, natural-looking, bronzed glow.As for how they can possibly do such a thing?

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