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Crushes Make Everyone Embarrassing, Not Just You

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By Once, I had a crush on a boy with an Italian-sounding last name. He and his family were English-speaking Americans, yet, in an attempt to to him, I taught myself (basic) with Rosetta Stone.This went over about as well as you'd imagine, but my questionable behavior persisted.

Every phase I went through through my mid twenties was also a case of being :" I rode my yellow beach cruiser around LA because I liked a guy who was into , dyed hair dark and because the next one I liked “was into French girls," and moved to the same neighborhood to be closer to another after graduating.If you're thinking that some things are so cringe-worthy they can and should stay in the drafts, know that nothing I've described is unique.

Regardless of age, gender, or sexual orientation, almost everyone has done something foolish to get closer to a crush—and publicly admitting these acts has become a viral trend.On TikTok, thousands of users are sharing their similarly embarrassing anecdotes of embarrassing or bizarre things they've done—and posted—because of a crush, such as pretending to be a dancer, dressing up like and lip-syncing to , and going so far as to .

Intrigued, I asked my own followers, friends, and colleagues what they'd done in the name of crushes.This content can also be viewed on the site it from.“I pretended I was good at math and did my crush's homework,” Lucy Weiss, a 25-year-old law student, says, while Chris M., a 33-year-old living in Boston, learned, lightly rewrote, rehearsed, and then performed the song “All I Ask Of You” from in an attempt to ask his crush to be his girlfriend. “I thought it was the most romantic song I'd ever heard,” he tells Glamour.

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