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Carrie Coon on Crafting Her ‘Gilded Age’ Accent and What Bertha Russell Has in Common With Walter White

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Brent Lang Executive Editor Fans of “The Gilded Age” know that Carrie Coon provides the social-climbing spark to a costume drama where most of the characters are seething or scheming underneath their polite veneers.

As Bertha Russell, Coon is always one step ahead of the old money elites attempting to thwart the rise of her and her railroad baron husband, George, and their family.

But the impeccably tailored outfits that Bertha wears like armor to do battle with the gatekeepers of late 19th-century New York society canbe hazardous. “There’s an episode where I’m at a tennis club for a party, and I could barely walk in that dress,” Coon says. “They had to come in and do an intervention and cut fabric out and change the under-bustle, because I was falling over.

And then they put you in three-inch heels and a pearl choker, which when you take that off at the end of the night, it looks like you’ve been strangled.

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