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Alan Rickman had issue with Emma Watson's 'dictation' but praised Daniel Radcliffe

Emma Watson's diction according to excerpts from his diary.The late actor, who sadly passed away in 2016 from pancreatic cancer shared accounts of his intimate life and career in his journal over 25 years which will be released to the public next month.In the book, Madly, Deeply: The Diaries of Alan Rickman, Alan recounts his numerous off-set encounters while also sharing his honest opinion on Harry Potter and his co-stars.READ MORE: Harry Potter fans flock to King's Cross Station to celebrate Back To Hogwarts dayAlan who played Professor Snape in the Harry Potter franchise was clearly unimpressed with Emma's articulation while depicting the role of Hermione Granger which he described as "this side of Albania at times."Sharing his thoughts on Daniel Radcliffe who played Harry, Alan said: "I still don’t think he’s really an actor but he will undoubtedly direct/produce."While filming commenced on Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, Rickman wrote in frustration: "These kids need directing. They don’t know their lines."However the Die Hard star was full of praises for director Alfonso Cuarón and said he did "an extraordinary job".He added: "It is a very grown-up movie, so full of daring that it made me smile and smile.

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Graham Norton fumes he's not a 'f**king moral arbiter' after JK Rowling interview backlash
Harry Potter author's new novel which involves the topic and theme of cancel culture, among other things. The pair spoke on his show last month, and the decision was met with some scorn by fans and critics of the author. It comes after she came under fire, initially in June 2020, for controversial tweets she had posted about the transgender community. Her stance has caused fans and Harry Potter film stars, such as Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, and Rupert Grint to speak out against her. In a new conversation with The Times, Graham has defended his decision to interview the polarising writer amid the contention.He said it would feel "wrong" to not interview someone purely because he disagrees with their views.Graham reiterated that it seems "just as bad" to not speak to someone because of their views as the fact that it will "annoy some people."The TV host said: "Am I suddenly the f**king moral arbiter of the world who says who can be on TV or can’t? No.“People will be on my show and I’ll laugh with them and that will annoy some people, but not having them on seems just as bad.”He did say however, that it would have been easier to simply "not have her on", but explained it didn't "seem right". Graham added: “[I] wouldn’t have her on to air her views, [but] she has the right to still wang on about her crime novel."The easiest thing would be to not have her on, but that didn’t seem right.”After the interview was first announced, other guests Lucy Moss and Toby Marlow pulled out of their appearances on Graham's radio show.The pair explained they didn't "feel comfortable" being on the same billing as JK Rowling, according to Huff Post. JK also addressed speculation that the reason she didn't attend the recent Harry Potter
Tom Felton’s life lessons he learned from Harry Potter that he takes wherever he goes
Harry Potter film fans, Tom Felton will always be Draco Malfoy.And it turns out that even the actor has never forgotten the experience of playing Harry's wizarding Hogwarts rival.He has admitted that there is a life lesson from the Potter series that he takes with him wherever he goes.It appears the family-like bond that those shooting the eight-film franchise is as strong as ever as well.Felton, who turns 35 on Thursday (September 22), shared a picture of him with fellow Brit Jason Isaacs, who played his father, Lucius Malfoy, in the movies.Posting a picture on Instagram of them outside London's Criterion Theatre, where he was performing, Felton said: “My father heard about this play I was in, 2:22 A Ghost Story.”Isaacs, 59, said he was “thrilled to see my boy commanding the stage” in a sign that the Potter relationships have lasted long after the final film was released in 2011.The Surrey-born actor has been on record talking about how his decade working on the Harry Potter films set him up for his screen and stage career.Having transitioned from boy to man on the set, Felton said he and his fellow co-stars, such as Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson, learned the professional standards from the more experienced actors around them.The adaptation of J. K.