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Ben Platt reveals Noah Galvin wedding details — and why he ‘panicked’ in dating stage

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Ben Platt’s new album is titled “Honeymind,” but given the ”Dear Evan Hansen” star’s upcoming nuptials to Noah Galvin, it could almost be called “Honeymoon.”The two singer-actors, both 30 and Brooklyn residents, got engaged in November 2022 — and the groomzilla countdown has begun.“The engagement is on!” Platt said in The Post’s exclusive video series, “Music to My Years,” outside one of the couple’s favorite date spots, Joseph Leonard restaurant.

The location just happens to be across the street from the iconic LGBTQ institution Stonewall Inn in Greenwich Village. “We’re getting married in the fall.

So it’s … pedal to the metal.”But, he added with a wink, “It’s all planned. It’s all private. But we’re getting married in Brooklyn in the fall with all my big Jewish family, and Noah’s family and our friends, and we’re gonna dance the night away.”Platt and Galvin met when “we were like 19, 20 years old doing a web series that never saw the light of day,” he said. “And we immediately had, like, an attraction to each other and started dating pretty quickly … hooking up for, like, three months.“And then I panicked and took a step back, and I sent him a long text message, and I was like, ‘We should just be friends.

We’re so young. And we don’t know what we want.’ Blah, blah, blah. Basically, I was just afraid. I didn’t know it at that time.

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