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'Before I met him I was buzzing with life... now I just want to stay at home, lock myself in and tell myself I'm safe'

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It was the beginning of the worst three years of her life 'mentally, physically and emotionally'. When Shameem Younis was contacted on Facebook and received a series of flattering messages, she had no idea how the man behind them would impact her life.

The divorced mother of three adult children was happy to be single and never went on dates. But, eventually she agreed to meet him in March 2021. READ MORE: At first she thought their relationship was perfect.

Then he showed his true colours The man was Steven Halliday. He was 'funny' and without her asking for anything he showered her with Gucci, and Versace clothes, bags, and sunglasses. "I had never seen this kind of money in my life," Shameem said. "I told him to stop.

I did not want them. I didn't get to know any of his friends but he came across as really nice. He was funny and full of energy." Working for a company supplying gas, water, electricity and telecommunication supply networks, Halliday appeared to be loaded.

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