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Beauty buffs swear £12 serum makes hair grow so thick and long they 'feel like Rapunzel'

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Beauty buffs are heaping praise on a pre-wash treatment that promises to create thicker, longer and healthier hair. Those who have tried the 'heavenly' hair growth oil insist they've 'noticed a difference' to their locks within as little as three washes, with many growing baby hairs and other mentioning their hair is now thicker than previously.

The oil in question is the Rapunzel Hair Syrup from the brand Hair Syrup, which is available at Beauty Bay. It typically costs £14.50 for a 100ml bottle and £30 for a 300ml bottle, but shoppers can pick it up on sale with a 10% discount, bringing the prices down to £12.80 for the smaller bottle and £27 for the larger one.

The hair oil is said to bring life back into fragile hair strands, promote growth, deeply nourishing and add blinding shine to hair.

Perfect to use on all hair types, the pre-wash treatment is enriched with invigorating pink grapefruit and moisture boosting flaxseed, known for its ability to boost hair growth. READ MORE: The £7 'liposuction' cream with 29,000 ratings shoppers swear makes arms look slimmer 'in two weeks' READ MORE: The 'magic' £8 Tesco anti-chafe solution that's a 'must' for anyone with bigger thighs who wears summer dresses or shorts For best use, the brand recommends applying to dry hair as a pre-wash treatment, working the products into the mid-lengths and ends of the hair and then massaging it into the scalp.

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