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Anyone Can Get Monkeypox—Here's What You Need to Know to Stop the Spread

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Glamour that just because monkeypox isn't as contagious or severe as COVID-19 doesn't mean we should disregard it. Dr. Passaretti says that the misconception that monkeypox is only a danger to gay men is also dangerous.

CDC director Rochelle Walensky told that men who have sex with men and are HIV positive or currently taking PREP to reduce the likelihood of contracting HIV "face the greatest health risk from monkeypox." However, anyone can contract monkeypox, and, at the end of the day, education is what's most important in reducing the your risk of infection."Acting now to promptly identify cases, prevent further spread, and get vaccines into those most at risk is essential,” Dr.

Passaretti explains.Here's what you need to know about monkeypox and how to stay safe.In layman's terms, monkeypox is a virus of the same family as smallpox.

Symptoms of the disease are milder, however, and thankfully nowhere near as fatal, according to the and the .In recent weeks, cases have surged in the United States—bringing the total to over 7,000 cases as of August 4.No.

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