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Anti-itch pet treats that 'really do work' now £29 in Amazon sale

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A box of anti-itch dog treats that 'really do work' have been slashed in price on Amazon in a limited time deal.Dogs can get incredibly itchy during the summer season due to various allergies and insects flying around and getting under their fur.

If you notice your pet itching themselves more than normal and licking their paws, then they may be dealing with an unknown allergy or irritation.That's where these NutriPaw All-Itch Immunity Treats For Dogs come in as they can soothe the pains your pooches are going through - and best thing is, they're on sale.The NutriPaw All-Itch Immunity Treats For Dogs are currently 15 per cent off, down from £34.99 to £29.74 - that's a total saving of £5.25.These treats claim to be "tasty supplements that help to calm scratching, licking, chewing & soothe your dog's sensitive skin, eyes, paws or tummy".

The treats have been checked by vets according to the product description, and have been recommended to support your dog's issues.Shoppers have hailed these treats with over 10,000 bought in the last month and an average rating of 3.7 stars out of five on Amazon.One happy customer wrote: "Our dog used to lick his paws, making them very red raw & sore!!!!

He still has the occasional lick, but he is not as bad as he was!!! Speedy delivery!"Another said: "We have only received the product a couple of days ago, and I might be imagining it but there seems to be noticeable improvement already.

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