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'An honest review of Ninja's no-gas, outdoor grill that cooks perfect chicken in 8 minutes'

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Did you know that this week is National BBQ Week? I actually do know this fun fact because I plan on celebrating big time. I have a love of BBQ food, but the dilemma I also have is that I haven't really been able to master the art of barbequing myself.

Growing up, my dad and my brother were always the first to have the tongs in hand, and I was always happy behind the scenes making the potato salad.

But this summer I promised myself I'd get some BBQ skills so that I can create delicious meals for myself now that I live alone.

I gave it one go on a regular gas BBQ and immediately gave up. Not because I lacked the knowledge of how to light it, but because I didn't enjoy the element of gas in the cooking process.

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