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Aldi revealed as UK's cheapest supermarket per basket of shopping this January

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Aldi has been crowned as the cheapest supermarket for January by the consumer champions at Which?.Shoppers could pick up a basket full of groceries at Aldi for £82.03 on average, saving a huge £25.68 compared to the most expensive shop, which was Waitrose.

45 popular food and other essential items were included in the comparison, with the same items being picked up in all the shops for accuracy.

The study was carried out at eight of the biggest UK supermarkets, and is done on a monthly basis. After Aldi, Lidl was the second-cheapest for the basket of groceries with the total coming in at £84.07.

Tesco and Asda followed behind, with the basket costing £93.80 and £95.32 respectively. The most expensive store was found to be Waitrose, with the shop costing shoppers £107.71 on average.

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