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Woman shares 40p hack to melt shower head limescale with no scrubbing

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A woman has shared a tip that keeps her shower head limescale free with an item you likely already have in your cupboard.It's a pleasure to get into a hot shower after a long day, but this can be soured quickly if the shower head is coated in a build up of white crust.

Limescale is common in the bathroom as it is caused by minerals found in hard water.Not only can limescale build up block the shower's nozzle, making its water power weaker, but beauty experts suggest that the minerals may negatively impact the quality of a person's skin and hair.

Now, one cleaning enthusiast has explained how vinegar keeps her shower head sparkling.To help other cleaners make their lives easier, a woman named Amanda has demonstrated how to use the acidic liquid to break through the mineral build up that requires no scrubbing.Sharing a video on her @amanda_cleans TikTok account, she simply secures a plastic bag filled with "regular white vinegar like you would use for cooking" to a shower head covered in limescale and secures it with a hair tie.

After leaving it to soak for one hour, she then removes the bag to reveal a shiny shower head that looks brand new, the Mirror reports.Vinegar is known to be an effective natural cleaner and with a bottle of white vinegar costing just 40p at Sainsburys - it's far cheaper than single use cleaner products.With over 7.9 million views and 276,000 likes, people were amazed by the hack - but they also had questions. "Does the shower head not unscrew?

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