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Why ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ star Jessica Capshaw really disliked co-star Camilla Luddington when they met

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“Grey’s Anatomy” stars Jessica Capshaw and Camilla Luddington revealed on the first episode of their new podcast, “Call It What It Is,” that they weren’t fast friends when they met more than 10 years.“I did not like you,” said Capshaw, 47. “I did not not like you.”Capshaw, who played Arizona Robbins on the ABC series from 2009 to 2018, told her former co-star that she was dealing with post-childbirth insecurities when Luddington, 40, joined the show as Jo Wilson in 2012.“What happened was that, when I first met you, I had maybe just had a baby and was coming back to work and I was feeling very insecure about pretty much everything,” Capshaw explained. “When you are insecure you’re sort of just not receptive to the world and you sort of doubt everyone and everything around you but mostly yourself.”She continued: “I think maybe that was why when I first met you I couldn’t see all of your inner glory.

I was just focused on my own insecure feelings.”When she returned to the show’s set after giving birth, Capshaw felt uneasy about Luddington being among the new additions to the cast.“I might have shown up to set and people were atwitter about some beautiful new woman coming to the show,” she recalled. “Maybe I wasn’t feeling my sharpest and bestest ever and I think that these things can happen where, all of a sudden, I was looking across at this, again, beautiful young woman and not feeling myself.

I was like, ‘I don’t know that I’m gonna like her.’ “Luddington admitted that she “realized kind of quickly” that Capshaw didn’t like her, and said that the “burger truck incident of 2012” was to blame.“There was a lovely burger truck and I snapped a picture of the truck and was like, ‘I’m gonna post it on Twitter, and tag Shonda.

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