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Who is ABC’s first-ever ‘Golden Bachelorette’? Meet 61-year-old grandma Joan Vassos from Maryland

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Turner’s “The Golden Bachelor” was cut short.Vassos, 61, left Turner’s season early in the third week to care for her daughter who had recently given birth.

Vassos is a mother of four, grandmother of two and a school administrator. Her late husband John, whom she was married to for 32 years, died in January 2021 from pancreatic cancer. “He was the husband that always made me feel safe and cherished,” she wrote via Instagram in January. “He was the parent that was always the fun one because that’s all he knew how to do … lucky kids because fun in his book was generally epic.

I could go on for hours.”In her spare time, the new lead loves spending time with her dog, cooking and listening to Elton John.In February, the network confirmed plans to cast for “one radiant woman’s second chance at love in her golden years.”“Now, as she steps into the golden spotlight and begins her journey to seek love once more, Vassos envisions a future filled with shared moments by the beach and cherished time with family,” a press release read on Tuesday.Turner, 72, previously led “The Golden Bachelor,” which premiered in September 2023.

He and contestant Theresa Nist married in an ABC-televised ceremony on Jan. 4. On April 12, they announced their divorce after three months of marriage during a “Good Morning America” interview.Turner went on to officially file for divorce from Nist on the same day their sit-down aired.

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