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Watch Glen Kamara silence Millwall hecklers as record at Rangers sees loudmouths change their tune

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Glen Kamara proved to be the one Leeds United player who escaped the Millwall heckles thanks to his time at Rangers.The Finnish international made the Premiership side a tidy return on their £50k import from Dundee when he made the move to the English Championship side in the closing stages of the transfer window.

His latest match is at the Den against Millwall, who are notorious for creating a hostile environment for players to come and play in.As the Elland Road side made their way off the team bus, a barrage of taunts rained down on every player and staff member making their way into the ground, some embracing it and others ducking for cover.

But when Kamara appeared off the bus, the heckles were brought to a ceasefire as one of the London instigators stopped and paused as he remembered what Kamara was like during time at Rangers.They can be heard saying in the background as the midfielder appears: "That's Kamara, he used to play for Rangers.

He was good you know."It didn't take long for the jeering to start again after the midfielder was out of sight. Goalkeeper Illan Meslier was next out of the bus following Kamara and he was labelled butterfingers by the crowd that had gathered.During his time at Ibrox, Kamara won the Premiership and Scottish Cup.

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