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Wanda Sykes says people have confused her for Lenny Kravitz: ‘Twins!’

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“The Jennifer Hudson Show” Tuesday and revealed that “believe or not,” she’s been mistaken for Lenny Kravitz, 59, more than once.“OK, so Wanda, I have this issue where everywhere I go, people think I’m either Megan Thee Stallion or Coco Jones,” Jennifer Hudson, 42, told Sykes, adding, “I heard you get mixed up with Lenny Kravitz?”“Yes,” Sykes said. “Believe it or not.

OK, not all the time. It happened twice, and they both were in New Orleans.”The comedian said that her hair was bigger and longer when she mistaken for Kravitz in the Big Easy.“These people, they were like, ‘That’s Lenny Kravitz!’ I turned around and I was like, ‘Only in New Orleans,’ ” Sykes recalled. “I was like, ‘They’ve been on Bourbon Street and probably drank everything on Bourbon Street to think that.’ “The “Curb Your Enthusiasm” actress confirmed that she told Kravitz about the hilarious mix-up when she saw him at the 2024 Golden Globes.

As a photo of the pair at the event popped up, Sykes said, “Yeah look at that! Twins! Twins!”Hudson and Sykes also chatted about the viral video of Kravitz lifting weights in leather pants, boots and sunglasses. “Yes, working out fully clothed in boots,” Sykes said, as she and Hudson watched the video of the “Fly Away” singer’s workout.“Look at that, lifting a small car!

Look at that,” Sykes said.“That’s insane right there. Leather pants. If I lift 20 pounds, I gotta take my sports bra off. I’m like, ‘It’s too much, it’s hot, it’s hot,’ ” she jokingly added. “And he’s in leather pants, boots, that’s just, that’s not even human right there.”Skyes previously revealed that she gets mistaken for Kravitz on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” last October. “You’re gonna think this is nuts,” Skyes said, “but then again if I tell you it.

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