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Vile letter sent to missing Allan Bryant's family claims to know where "head without eyes" is buried

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A vile letter sent to the family home of missing Allan Bryant has claimed to know where his body parts are buried. The sick troll's anonymous note said his head "without eyes" was located in an area in Fife with his dismembered leg somewhere nearby.

The disturbing mail, which went on to say "This hunt will be fun. Your son is in bits" has been described by Allan's distraught mum Marie as "gut-wrenching.

She told the Record: "It's just sickening. We have gone through enough. "We are just trying to live every day and get by but something like this takes its toll on you.

I do not know what goes through someone's head to do this."It was just gut-wrenching to read it."The letter which was sent on April 23 was addressed with a stamp to a previous home of mum Marie Degan and her partner Allan Bryant Snr.

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