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Corrie’s Kal Nazir star now - Strictly curse, living off-grid and adoption heartache

Coronation Street fans were forced to bid a fond farewell to Kal Nazir.The father of Alya and Zeedan Nazir, and son of Yasmeen Metcalfe, Kal made waves on the street as a widowed single father, becoming engaged to Leanne Battersby after a torrid affair.This, of course, led to a long feud with Nick Tilsley - and to Kal proposing to Leanne but forgetting the ring, which meant he rushed back to Victoria Court to retrieve it.The fire set there by Tracy Barlow in 2015 ended Kal’s life when the roof caved in, as Amy and Leanne were ferried out to safety, leaving the street devastated.But for actor Jimi Mistry, the exit may have been just what he needed to sort out his life off-grid - as he is now a farmer living in Devon.We take a look into his wild life since Corrie. Jimi’s life was affected forever by the infamous Strictly Come Dancing curse, when he was paired up with professional dancer Flavia Cacace in 2010.

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Coronation Street Sam Blakeman star Jude Riordan joined by real-life brother on ITV soap
Coronation Street star Jude Riordan has revealed his real-life brother appeared in a recent episode of the ITV soap.The actor, who plays Sam Blackman, took to Instagram to share his pride as Zach Riordan made his surprise debut.Sam has turned to chess following the heartbreaking death of his mum Natasha Blakeman.The youngster has finally won over the support from his dad Nick Tilsley (Ben Price) after he found out the school boy was playing chess behind his back after trying to get him to stop.During Wednesday's hour-long episode, an excited Sam took his place opposite his latest opponent ready to battle it out for a place in the final.Sam tried to keep his cool and prepared for his semi-final chess game in the Bistro while his opponent and his mother stood opposite.Oscar, played by Zach, was clearly getting in the zone, not giving any eye contact with his headphones on.Nick commented: "That Oscar's a bit intense isn't he?" before Sam replied: "Mindfulness app," referring to what his rival was listening to.Sam ultimately won the game meaning he was through to the final and offered his hand to Oscar, who got up and stormed out of the Bistro quickly follow by his mother.Meanwhile, Nick jumped out his seat and started applauding his son, telling him: "You destroyed him," to which Sam told him off. "Dad sush...
Coronation Street fans guess devastating reason Nick won’t let son Sam play chess
Coronation Street youngster Sam Blakeman has been in a fight with dad Nick Tilsley since he banned him from playing chess.And now fans think they’ve worked out a devastating reason behind Nick’s fury with Sam’s new obsession.Sam took solace in the game along with Roy Cropper after losing his mum Natasha in a fatal shooting.And the youngster, who refused to speak after his mum’s death, was slowly drawn out of his shell again by Roy and Brian as they taught him the game.But Sam quickly spiralled into obsession, staying up into the early hours and falling behind in his school work in an attempt to learn new chess strategies and beat his opponents.Recently, Nick discovered Leanne and Sam had been going behind his back to carry on playing the game without his consent, and was left fuming.But now fans think Nick could have another, more heartbreaking reason for the ban than just wanting Sam to connect more to the world around him.Taking to Reddit, one fan suggested it could be a health issue after Nick suffered a devastating brain injury which occurred after a car crash involving him and brother David Platt in 2013.The damage to his brain left him with uncontrollable mood swings, and he struggled at the time to formulate his thoughts after ending up in a coma when an oncoming truck hit their car.And one viewer who battled a brain injury in real life said that it affected his chess playing ability.The Reddit user penned: “As a dude with a brain injury, I wanna believe that chess is something that Nick just can’t do (I can’t) and this doesn’t allow him to connect with Sam.“I’m hoping there will be a big moment of clarity where Nick tells Sam that he’s doing things Nick just can’t.“Saying, ‘Son, you are a better man than me’