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TOWIE star rushed to hospital as they share shocking snaps of swollen face

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Amber Dowding sparked concern among her fans after sharing a snap of her swollen eye, revealing that she was recently rushed into hospital over this.The former TOWIE star, 30, was referred to the hospital and her left eye became swollen, leaving her with blurry vision.

She then revealed that she had been diagnosed with periorbital cellulitis, which is an infection of the eyelid or skin around the eye.

Sharing the news with her fans, Amber wrote: "That was the quickest time spent in hospital ever. So grateful!! In and out within less than 30 minutes. "Anyway it's periorbital cellulitis, they have given me antibiotics and have sent an urgent request to the eye casualty unit to follow up with me tomorrow to make sure it's getting better. "Because I've got a headache and the pressure is so bad they have advised me to go to a certain hospital.

Sure once these antibiotics kick in I'll be fine.Thanks for your messages and telling me to get checked." She then returned to Instagram with another update about going to "eye casualty" as she wrote: "My left eye is completely blurry and couldn't see any of the letters out of that eye. "The doctor] tested the pressure and it wasn't as it should be but he said he's not overly worried about that.They might have to put some dye in my eye but waiting to see what the doctor says." Amber continued: "In some cases (rarely) it can affect deeper into the eye which is why they wanted to see me quickly but thankfully it hasn't. "My vision is still blurry but that's because of the amount of swelling and where it's putting pressure on that part of my eye." The TV star turned hairdresser added: 'Antibiotics will help.

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