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‘The Book of Boba Fett’: Ming-Na Wen & Temuera Morrison ‘Got To Represent’ For The Older Action Stars [TCA]

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“The Book of Boba Fett” appears to be another “Star Wars” series smash for Disney Plus. This morning, Boba Fett himself, Temuera Morrison, and Boba’s second in command, Fennec Shand, Ming-Na Wen, joined a virtual conference to answer questions from the Television Critics Association.

And their excitement over the fan reception (at least) of the series was evident. READ MORE: ‘Book Of Boba Fett’: Jon Favreau says Jabba’s Death led to “power vacuum” and opportunities to play in gangster genre One of the subjects that at least Morrison kept returning to was how surprising this opportunity was in his career considering he’s 61-years-old.

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