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Star Hobson's evil killer mum still phones family 'heartbroken' over death of innocent toddler

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Read more: Star Hobson's mother who let lover murder baby is jailed for a further four years The Daily Star reports that two years on from the toddler's tragic death, Smith is still in regular contact with her extended family - and tells them that she is 'heartbroken' by her decision to start a toxic relationship with Brockhill.

The two began seeing each other after Smith and Star's father, Jordan Hobson - a University of Sunderland student - ended their relationship in 2019.

David Fawcett, Star’s great-grandfather says he is plagued by constant grief, adding: “It is something you will never get over”.

He said: “Some people said it will take time to get over, some other people said it is something you will never get over. We’re still struggling now.

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