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Sony is “investigating” claims that “all” of its systems have been hacked

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Cyber Security Connect). “WE ARE SELLING IT”.It has not offered a price point for the files, which include “screenshots of an internal log-in page, an internal PowerPoint presentation outlining testbench details, and a number of Java files”.It’s an example of ransomware, a practice where hackers steal a company’s files and attempt to sell it back to them.

When the ransom falls through, this data is often sold to the highest bidder. In 2022, the likes of Bandai Namco and HoyoVerse were victims of these hacks.Within ransomware, is a relatively new group.

According to Flashpoint, it calls itself a “leading company in digital peace tax” and does not operate in the same way as others of the same ilk.Instead, it “[uses] data protection laws like the EU’s GDPR [General Data Protection Regulation] to threaten victims with fines if they do not pay the ransom”.Due to the fact that fines for GDPR violations can surge into the millions, the theory is that the company would prefer to pay the supposedly cheaper ransom.Sony spoke to IGN regarding the alleged event, sharing that it is “currently investigating the situation” and that there is “no further comment at this time”.

However, has communicated that it will post its illegitimately sourced data on September 28.In other gaming news, the developer of Payday 3 is “looking at” the idea of removing the always-online aspect of the game after its launch was riddled with technical issues across PC, PS5 and Xbox Series..

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