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Phillip Schofield
Phillip Bryan Schofield (born 1 April 1962) is an English television presenter who works for ITV. He is currently the co-presenter of This Morning (2002–present) and Dancing on Ice (2006–2014, 2018–present) alongside Holly Willoughby. His other work for ITV includes All Star Mr & Mrs (2008–2016), The Cube (2009–2015), and 5 Gold Rings (2017–present). Schofield gained national attention working for the BBC, first as a continuity presenter for Children's BBC on weekdays from 1985 to 1987, then as a presenter on the children's Saturday morning magazine show Going Live! between September 1987 and April 1993.
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Show us how you can boost our economy' - city council's message to would-be developers

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Major developments in Salford will now have to set out how they will deliver social value benefits by boosting the city’s economy.

They will be asked to show how they are working with communities and contributing to a greener Salford, creating local jobs, and delivering social value benefits.

Town hall bosses say they are expecting developers seeking planning permission for developments of 10 or more houses or non-residential floorspace of 1,000 square metres or more to include an action plan on 'social value commitments'.

The requirement has been written into the city’s Local Plan, which was approved earlier this year, making it the first council in England to set such an obligation in stone.

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