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‘Shock to system!’ Scarlette Douglas gives insight into life away from A Place in the Sun

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Scarlette Douglas announced that her final episode of A Place in the Sun would air at 3pm on August 10.The Channel 4 presenter spoke about her "emotional" exit and the "shock to the system" she experienced in her new job in an exclusive interview with spoke about leaving her presenting spot on A Place in the Sun, explaining that her decision to go had been sparked by “a lot of reasons”.

One being the new Channel 4 show that she is co-hosting with her brother Stuart, which is entitled Worst House on the Street.

Speaking about whether there were any big surprises when she moved to presenting a property show on her home turf, Scarlette admitted it was all pretty smooth sailing. “There wasn’t a big surprise to be honest with you,” she reflected, before confessing that the UK’s weather was one thing she had forgotten about.   “Actually the weather in York was probably the biggest shock to the system!” Scarlette said with a laugh. “But I think also just - I’m not shocked by how well Stuart and I work together at all - but I think just how everyone else sees that and is a part of our little family now. “And you know, we are very authentic.

We're exactly what you see on the television and people are getting to see that. “And people say ‘Wow it’s so nice to see a brother and sister duo that, in some respects, look like us and this is amazing.’ “But I guess yes the weather was probably the biggest shock to the system!” she concluded.Scarlette also spoke about her “emotional” exit from A Place In The Sun, which had been a high point of her career.She reflected: “Today’s my last ever episode of A Place In The Sun and I’ve been quite emotional about it, actually.“It’s the end of an era, after seven years, but.

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