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‘Sex Education’ season four plot details teased by Aimee Lou Wood

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Sex Education season four – offering that “it’s very new.”Netflix‘s British television show follows the lives of the students, staff, and parents of the fictional Moordale Secondary School, as they contend with various personal dilemmas – often related to sexual intimacy.In season three of the series, viewers will recall that Maeve (Emma Mackey) had taken an offer to study abroad in the United States, where she left behind her best friend Aimee (played by Wood).In an interview with Capital Breakfast, Wood detailed how her character manoeuvres through high school now that her friend is across the country.“We’re at a new school.

For my character she hasn’t got Maeve because Maeve is in America,” Wood said. “She hasn’t got a boyfriend for the first time in her life, so it’s all very very new and fresh.”She continued: “Aimee finds ‘art’.

She discovers that she’s a bit of an artist, and I love that, because for the whole of the time, she’s always been made to feel like she isn’t clever, she hasn’t got anything really interesting to say, she’s always saying the wrong thing.

But she just thinks in a different way to everyone else and she’s on a different plane, and she’s actually really imaginative and emotionally intelligent and it makes total sense that she’s an artist.”She added: “What I love is that for the whole three seasons it doesn’t seem like it bothers her that everyone makes these comments about her intelligence, she kind of looks like she doesn’t.

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